Grindin’ by Nobody Beats the Drum

Rogier van der Zwaag, the director of this clip, contacted me today to show me his new clip a the song called Grindin’ by Nobody beats the drum.
It’s all very colorful and well rhythmed. I am pretty sure this took ages to do, because Rogier used something like: 400 wooden blocks, moving them one by one to make over 4085 images.
The result is amazing! i wonder how much time he spent on this… I envy his patience! :)
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Slowmotion dogs

I love dogs, cats and animals in general and i’m usually dissapointed by pet food ads because they are usually cliché, not very well done and kitsch. So when i saw this ad i was like…“ohh it’s so well done! they are so cute and they look amazing!” and all that, but then i thought: “hey! i’ve seen something like this before!” i just didn’t remember where…
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