All Superbowl 2010 Ads

Superbowl 2010 is over, the Saints have won! and as every year some of the best (and most expensive) ads have just been released to the world!
According to wikipedia: “A 30-second spot cost US $2.8 million with several advertisers getting discounts, down from last year’s $3 million”
Some are good some are not but here they are, all of them! Tell us wich one is your favorite and wich one did you hate the most? If i’m missing one let me know but i think they are all there.. enjoy! :)

2 Replies to “All Superbowl 2010 Ads”

  1. So many bad commercials on this year's superbowl! I thought it would have been a year to remember for this year's ads. But nope. big upset. Not to say there were no good ones at all, just not that many. There were a lot more stupid ones than good oens, and a couple ok ones.

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