Alexander McQueen R.I.P.

I still can’t believe it, i saw it last night in the news and i was like “What?!”…
Alexander McQueen has been found dead yesterday, he was only 40 years old :(

I know i am not used to post a lot of fashion designers on this blog, but i wanted to show his work today for those who never knew it.
Alexander (Lee) studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, wich is the same school where John Galliano (Dior) came from.
Alexander used to have a little something for “death” and he cleverly shocked people with his shows, he was known as “l’enfant terrible” or the “hooligan” because of his reputation and controversy.
His work included brands like Givenchy and Gucci and he dressed people like Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Björk, Madonna, Rihanna and David Bowie.
I know some people will hate what he did and some will love it, but i believe we’ve just lost an incredible designer.
What i liked about him is that he was always trying to “go further” in design, do things in a way they were not done before. There was nothing banal about his work…he will be missed.

Here’s some of Alexander’s work:

This video is from 2008 i’m adding more recent ones below:

His design was also on this video of Lady Gaga:

Alexander also directed Björk’s video “Alarm clock” and designed it’s cover:

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