Slowmotion dogs

I love dogs, cats and animals in general and i’m usually dissapointed by pet food ads because they are usually cliché, not very well done and kitsch. So when i saw this ad i was like…“ohh it’s so well done! they are so cute and they look amazing!” and all that, but then i thought: “hey! i’ve seen something like this before!” i just didn’t remember where…

A bit later while on twitter i got to this other article on this blog and i saw that there is actually a music video that look pretty much the same! (i’m pretty sure i’ve seen it before).
I’m not saying they shouldn’t inspire themselves from something they have seen before, but at least they should do an effort and not doing pretty much the same thing, right?

Anyway both videos look great there is nothing to say about that…and here’s the video from “Vitalic” for their song “Poney Part 1” directed by Pleix somewhere between 2001 (wich is the year the single of that song came out) and 2006. If you don’t know the band maybe you should take a look at their other songs, they are really cool…

and here’s the new ad by Pedrigee…Credits for the ad:
Agency: TBWA, Toronto
Creative Director: Mark Biernacki
Copywriter: Mark Biernacki
Creative Director: Steph Mackie
Art Director: Steph Mackie
Producer: Margaret John
Sound: Joey Serlin
Editor: Chris Parkins
Flame Artist: Mike Bishop
Director: Bob Purman
Director of Photography: Bob Purman
Production Company: Imported Artists Film Company

Via: Creativity Online and Agencyspy

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