Michel Gondry for Mia Doi Todd’s “Open your Heart”

Michel Gondry is on of my favorite directors and i just discovered one of his lattest works, a clip for the song “Open your heart” by Mia Doi Todd.
I really didn’t know this artist but i think she has a beautiful voice that goes very well with the video, wich is so simple everything is done with good coordination and T-shirts.
In the clip you can see the people from the Riverside Community College, Mia Doi Todd, her drummer full of colours all over East LA.
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Augmented (Hyper) Reality

Keiichi Matsuda made this really cool project for his Masters degrée final project in architecture.
He imagined how the world would be if we mixed augmented reality to everyday life.
Some things look really cool, like the way you can see your friends and talk to them, the way you could interact with things and find information. I’m sure this kind of technology can be very useful in a lot of ways.
But some other things look a bit scary, according to this video, brands would be pretty much everywhere polluting your sight, and you wouldn’t need to use your brain very much to make something as simple as a tea. I wonder if this kind of thing would make us dumber if it existed…
The thing is i’m not sure we are very very far from having something like this one day.
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New features in edge detection and masks – Photoshop CS5

If you work with masks using photoshop you may have noticed that when it comes to hair, it’s pretty much a pain…
Well i’ve got some good news about that. Looks like the new version of photoshop will include some improvements on this. Making it a lot easier to detect things like hair in less time.
Just take a look at the video :)
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