Photoshop Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peak

Adobe Photoshop
Image via Wikipedia

Adobe just released another new video showing the new Photoshop tool that will be available on the CS5. The tool is called “Content-Aware Fill” and its really amazing! It will probably save lots of time to many graphic designers.
You can do things like remove an object or recompose an image in few clicks … For those who don’t know, this kind of modifications used to be long and time consuming with the old tools and you needed a certain skill in photoshop to do these things. Now you can do these things with very little time and effort. I can’t wait to test it! :)
The good thing is that the CS5 is comming out in april 12 2010 and Adobe made a website where you can sign up and be at the official worldwide launch of the CS5
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Vitamin Water Apparment

vitamin water 01
Image by saxarocks via Flickr

Somewhere in Paris right now, there is a hidden apparment where there is party every night. It’s the Vitamin Water apparment.
I’ve been there last week with some great french bloggers and i had a great time! I won’t tell where it is but i can say it’s really really cool!
The apparment is huge it has several floors and a pool! You can play the wii, the guitar or table football (baby foot for the french) Monsieur André did a great work with all the decoration!.
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New theme

There’s a new theme on the website, i’m still tweaking things so if anything look weird it’s normal.
I hope you all like it, i try to keep it simple and readable. I know everything is not perfect but i try to do what i can.
If you see any bugs leave me a comment! thanks!

PS: i created new categories, this means i’ll have to tweak most old posts to sort them in these new categories, and there are nearly 477 posts in this moment on the blog so i’ll have to be very patient -_-‘