Naugthy Bear avant-première

Some days ago i was invited by Gamongirls and A2M to the avant-première of the game Naugthy Bear in Paris, where i had the chance to see the game, play it and even ask questions to the developer Dave Richard who came all the way from Montreal to show us his game.
The game is about a not very cute little bear living in a perfect island where everyone is happy and everything is perfect exept this poor bear and just because of that all the other bears laugh at him and treat him bad, and one day he decides to take action.
Even if the game look cute and for kids, it’s actually rated 16+, because you can kill those cute little bears in every horrible way you can imagine, smash everything and bring chaos to that island… and i can tell it look like a fun party game.

I know the trailer below don’t show much on the gameplay of this game but i could get the hands on this game and i can say this game can be really funny when playing with your friends…
The game look chilidish and it’s made on purpose because it was inspired by the saturday morning tv shows from the BBC in the 70’s (this is what developpers watched when they were little).
The game look a bit short in my oppinion (7 episodes) but the developer explained us that there were multiple combinations on what’s going to happen, and you cannot do the same thing all the time and that more episodes are comming out after.
Here are some actual “in game” screenshots (too bad we can’t see the multiplayer mode there)

The game comes out this summer and you can preorder it here for PS3 or here for Xbox 360

As a bonus here’s some artwork from the game :)

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