MASSIVEGOOD finally launched few days ago in New York, with the support of people like Spike Lee, Bill Clinton, David Guetta, WILL.I.AM, Mary J. Blige, Samuel L. Jackson, Professor Brian Greene, Susan Sarandon and many more…
So what is this project all about? well according to their website:
MASSIVEGOOD uses the power of social media to help stop the millions of preventable deaths from HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis and increase maternal and child health in the developing world.”

Not bad uh? so how are they supposed to do it?

Each time you take a plane, book a hotel, or rent a car (for now in US, but i hope this will get to other countries as well) you can give $2 for this cause, only with one click, so it’s really simple to help just by travelling, note you can also do a donation on their website.

Don’t forget:
Malaria kills 1 child every 30 seconds – $2 can treat 2 children against malaria
Tuberculosis kills 1 person every 15 seconds – $24 can cure 1 adult of TB
HIV/AIDS kills 1 person every 13 seconds – $50 can treat 1 child for a year

Start clicking people! :D

Via: Cyril Attias Blog

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