The Specs Effect

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen the Axe ad ‘billions’ that was released a couple of years ago. The axe ad was probably insprired by Patrick Süskind‘s novel called “Parfume” wich is a great book and there is also the movie with the same name. I’m pretty sure most guys loved the ad, and will probably love the parody of this ad that was just released by Specsavers in England, but before we get to that let me refresh your memory, here’s the old axe ad:

and here’s the parody wich i find quite funny, and i’m pretty sure it will be one of the most viral clips of the year, enjoy :)

Just for information: the ad was shot in Chile

Client: Specsavers
Director Daniel Kleinman (Rattling Stick)
Written by Neil Brush and Simon Bougourd.

via: Hush Hush

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