Boca Showreel 2010

Marcos Ceravolo also known as Boca, is a motion designer from Brazil with an amazing portfolio.
He just released a showreel of his lattest works (from 2008 to 2010)

Music by The Knife and Yann Coppier

You can also visit his portfolio here (his website is in english and portuguese)

Via: Fubiz

6 Replies to “Boca Showreel 2010”

  1. I d'like to see Toy Story,
    I think it's a good movie,
    With my 3d glasses,
    It will kick our asses,
    Thanks to Kiedis and her blog,
    It smells good like a hotdog !

  2. @mooncalinh reported on twitter that she had a problem writting a comment on this page
    i'm adding her to the contest also because she did try, here's what she wrote:

    There is also one person (pixelboy) that tried to participate and posted the comment on another post of the blog… that was before i corrected the post to tell people to write on this page only.

    1. Olivier, pixelboy, mooncalinh, nico, and bulle, this is the order from newest to older comments (olivier has number 1 and bulle number 5) So i'm making a random at now

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