Photoshop Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peak

Adobe Photoshop
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Adobe just released another new video showing the new Photoshop tool that will be available on the CS5. The tool is called “Content-Aware Fill” and its really amazing! It will probably save lots of time to many graphic designers.
You can do things like remove an object or recompose an image in few clicks … For those who don’t know, this kind of modifications used to be long and time consuming with the old tools and you needed a certain skill in photoshop to do these things. Now you can do these things with very little time and effort. I can’t wait to test it! :)
The good thing is that the CS5 is comming out in april 12 2010 and Adobe made a website where you can sign up and be at the official worldwide launch of the CS5

So how would you use such a tool in real life? here’s how :)


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