Heineken – Men with Talent

Heineken seems to have a lot of talent to make virals, that is not new.

We saw it last year when they released “Walk in Fridge” and “Walk in fridge 2“, the first one worked so well it got spoofed and then won the Paris viral film festival 2009.

If you are not living in a fridge, you probably saw or heard somewhere about people like Susan Boyle who was discovered by a reality show in england.

I’m not a fan of reality shows myself but this time, Heineken made reality show called ‘Men with talent’ where they find men who do amazing things with beer of course.

The result is really funny. Now will this be the viral of the year? who knows :) Continue reading “Heineken – Men with Talent”

ACDC vs Iron Man 2

Seeper is a very talented collective of artists from London. They work with interactive arts and  new technology and have really nice clients like: Sony, Reebok, Tesco, Unilever and more… but this time it’s a film: Iron Man 2.

They just released one mindblowing video of their architectural projection mapping on Rochester Castle in Kent, to advertise Iron Man 2 and the band ACDC.

I had seen things like this done in different places (like the Eiffel tower last year) but this one i have to say it’s really well done. Continue reading “ACDC vs Iron Man 2”