Interview with Jürgen Onderzug

Some days ago i had the chance to meet Jürgen Onderzug, at his party in Paris Sony Style George V and make an exclusive interview with him, but before we go to that, let me introduce you Jürgen a little bit better, he is the new ambassador for the “Live 6 Degrees” belgian brand from Sony and he claims that the 6 degrees changed his life in an amazing way, he started spreading his words on facebook, twitter and youtube.

So here is the interview i made the other day :)

I also made few pictures at the party

I like the poster

Yes the bodyguards were at 6 degrees also :)

So you might wonder what is Jürgen advertising for Sony with all this?
It’s the new Sony Bravia 2010 TV (it’s screen is tiled back by 6 degrees also)

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