Coke’s new bottle by MIKA

As you may have noticed. I have a thing for nice packaging and when i see something nice that i like, i usually try to get it.
A month ago, while i was doing my shopping in Paris i bought a bottle of coke designed by MIKA. I thought this is cute…so i got it. What i didn’t know at that time is that this little bottle has a name it’s called the “Happiness bottle” and it was designed by Mika‘s sister Yasmine (she’s the one who do the cover design in his albums).
The bottle is actually helping raise funds to help teenagers in hospitals, they have a website for the project here.

So a few days ago i had the chance to be invited by a friend to Mika’s exclusive concert by Coke at the 1515 near Champs Elysées in Paris.
So i went there with a friend and we had a great time, Mika was awesome, he was a bit worried because there were no planes and he was stranded in Paris because of the volcano  and he could not play the day after in another city. It was a bit short but it was really cool!
I was really really near so i had the chance to make some great pics (they are below the picture of the bottle).

For those who wonder, i used a Canon 400D to make the pictures, manual mode, and no flash. I know they are not perfect i’m just starting with photography ;)

Thanks to Desktopmag for the pictures of the bottle

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  1. Hello I wanted to let you know, We really such as the associated with writing on your website. However I'm using Group on the machine running version 9.04 of Mac os x and the actual look aren't quite correct. Not a serious offer, I still basically read the actual posts and research for info, however simply desired to inform a person about that. The navigation club is kind associated with hard to use with the config I'm running. upward the superb work!

    1. OS X 9 is an old sytem. This website don't support old versions of some browsers like IE6 or very old versions of safari/opera…

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