Coke’s new bottle by MIKA

As you may have noticed. I have a thing for nice packaging and when i see something nice that i like, i usually try to get it.
A month ago, while i was doing my shopping in Paris i bought a bottle of coke designed by MIKA. I thought this is cute…so i got it. What i didn’t know at that time is that this little bottle has a name it’s called the “Happiness bottle” and it was designed by Mika‘s sister Yasmine (she’s the one who do the cover design in his albums).
The bottle is actually helping raise funds to help teenagers in hospitals, they have a website for the project here. Continue reading “Coke’s new bottle by MIKA”

Louboutin’s 2010 collection by Kyong Nguyen

Louboutin and Kyong Nguyen worked together to bring you this amazing serie of images for the new shoes.
The images were inspired by the stories we used to love (or hate) when we were little.
Such as Alice in wonderland, the little mermaid, cinderella and many more.
Mr. Kyong Nguyen is known by his collaborations with brands like Porsche, Citroen, Wad, La souris sur le gateau, Samsung or Smart…
As for Louboutin, don’t be fooled most websites that sell them are fake, here’s the official site.

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Interview with Jürgen Onderzug

Some days ago i had the chance to meet Jürgen Onderzug, at his party in Paris Sony Style George V and make an exclusive interview with him, but before we go to that, let me introduce you Jürgen a little bit better, he is the new ambassador for the “Live 6 Degrees” belgian brand from Sony and he claims that the 6 degrees changed his life in an amazing way, he started spreading his words on facebook, twitter and youtube. Continue reading “Interview with Jürgen Onderzug”