Light Rhapsody

Marc Czerwiec and Vivien Testard made this beautiful installation called “Light Rhapsody”.
To create this, they projected images in different parts of the body of a model.
She really had a lot of patience because it took them two days of work to shoot all those body images.
They shot with a D90 and a 1Dmk4. The other images were shot in New York.

Model: Julia Swell

Make up: Cindy Leroux

Music: “Exogenesis: Symphony part 1 (overture)” from the album “The resistance” by Muse. The song on the video is actually an instrumental version of the song.

Via: Beware Blog

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    1. Yes, i know!
      Truth is i’ve been working on it, but i’ve been quite busy all summer working at the agency :)
      I’ve been also doing some freelance jobs and well i had little time for the blog and the other websites during the summer…
      hopefully everything will get back to normal in a few days :)

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