Sex & the city 2 review

A couple of days ago, i had the chance to be invited by Taillefine to the avant première of Sex and the city 2 in a very Chic place of Paris, where they were also presenting a new flavour for their diet soda Taillefine Fiz (Pineapple, Mango) which is comming out this summer in France.

I really liked the tv serie, so i went there with a good friend of mine and we had a good time (and a lot of champagne!).

The film happens 2 years after the end of the first film…Carrie is married and her couple with Mr Big is getting old and boring. Samantha is old and fighting with hormones, Charlotte is going crazy with her kids, and Miranda is miserable at work and somehow they go have fun in Dubai, basically that’s the plot…
For me it’s not the best movie ever, but it wasn’t completely awful, i had fun because i was with my friend and we laughed, but well if i hadn’t been invited i would have probably just rented the movie at home and don’t go to the cinema…

Of course if you haven’t watched the serie, and the first movie you will probably be lost and will not understand most things in the movie, but if you did there are some good inside jokes for the fans, but it is also full of some stupid cliches. So basically, if you like the serie you may like the movie as well because characters are the same and it continues the story of the serie but it will not be as good as the serie and if you haven’t watched the serie don’t waste your time.
I guess it’s the kind of movie you can watch with a friend (who also like the serie) have a few laughs and don’t think too hard. :)

Here’s the trailer:

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