Who will take the best pictures of Croatia?

Few days ago the parisian agency Influence Digitale and the National office of tourism of Croatia, started a contest to choose the french blogger that could make the best pictures of Croatia.

I’ve always loved photography since i was very little and when i saw the contest i decided to participate.
So i sent the agency a couple of pictures and now people can vote for the blogger they like the most in this website.
If i win, they send me one week to make pictures and see all the beautiful landscapes. Just what i need to recharge my batteries.
As part of the contest i have to say in my blog wich part of the country i would like to visit and i have to say, this was quite difficult to decide because there are so many different things to see over there.
I heard a lot about the city of Duvrovnik and their beaches so i would love to see that.

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