Win your ticket for the premiere of Toy Story 3 in Paris

Good news! Thanks to Allocine, today i’ll be running a little contest on the blog!
I know i didn’t do a lot of contests before but if this goes well maybe i’ll do more in the future :)

As many of you know the film Toy Story 3 is comming out these days in the theaters worldwide and i already spoke about this movie on the blog a while ago.

So today i have the chance to offer the french fans (and those who don’t live in Paris but can get there somehow) the chance to be at the french première of the film.

The avant première is on thursday 24 june 2010 at 19h15, in Paris, France and the film is comming out in the french theaters on July 14.

How can you participate?

It’s very simple, you can leave a comment here below (one comment per person and IP address please) before the 19 june 0:00 Paris time, don’t forget to leave a valid e-mail address (because if you win i’ll be writting you, and if your e-mail don’t work your prize will go to someone else)…
I’ll choose the 2 winners with my friend Each winner get one ticket to the première.
I could have made one winner with two tickets but this way i can make more people win.

One very important thing, if you are not near Paris or you know you can’t come, please don’t be mean and let other people win the tickets.

Don’t forget, comments on the blog are moderated, they will appear in the blog when i moderate them, i’ll try to be quick :)

I’ll announce the winners on the blog after the deadline is over.

Here are some Toy Story 3 videos :)

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