Ants + Scanner

François Vautier is a french film maker and graphic designer. He worked for french TV channels and he made some films.

Five years ago, he had an old scanner somewhere and he had the crazy idea of putting ants inside, to see how they live.
Basically he scanned the ants once a week for five years giving as a result a really nice mix of a nature/digital universe.
You can see how nature takes over the the rest in this very well rhymed timelapse video.
I think it’s fascinating and i love the result :D

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A day in Paris

I was recently contacted by Benoît Millot from Le Potager Design.
He sent me a link to a corporate video he made for the group Vinci.
The animation is called: A day in Paris, it shows how some kind of weird robot visits the city of Paris.
To make this video they used a Canon 7D, 3D Maya and Maxwell.
I have to say that they did a really nice job with the 3-D design and the backgrounds :)

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Mydeadpony Illustrations

Raphael also known as Mydeadpony is a self-taught illustrator living in Brussels, Belgium.
Some of his illustrations have been featured in several places like: Illusive2, Fashion Wonderland, IDEA design, Computer arts,Advanced Photoshop and others.
I really like the way he mixes things in his works and the way he uses type.
I would definitely see some of these illustrations in things like t-shirts and other things.

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35 mm

Sarah Biermann, Torsten Strer, Felix Meyer and Pascal Monaco released this really cool short film about cinema itself.
The film is called 35mm and it shows in a very graphic/simplified way, 35 different movies in this two minute animation.
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