Review of “Chat Room” a Hideo Nakata film

I was invited the other day to watch, Hideo Nakata’s brand new film called “Chat Room”. After watching “The ring” and “Dark water”, i was pretty exited to see what he could do next, i also heard this film was selected at Cannes, so i though why not and went to see it with some friends.

First of all, I know i was invited by Allo cine and that it was it was a premiere (the film is coming out in august), but i can’t lie and i have to be honest as usual, and say what i really think about this film, Sorry Nakata!.

So we went there expecting to see a horror movie like the ring or something and instead we saw a bad teenager movie full of cliches mixed with something that wanted to be a thriller (or scare?)

There are 5 characters in the film… a depressed guy a black guy who wants to date an 11 year old girl, a brainless girl, a stiff girl… a psycho… and no one even close to a normal person. This is how Nakata represent the people who go online on the internet and this is the thing that annoys me the most… because this is the kind of film that some ignorant people who never ever touch a computer watch and then say “the internet is full of psychos, brainless people and all kind of bad things”. This film didn’t show any good aspects of the internet in any way.

As for the story, everything is super slow, actors are not good, i wasn’t scared at all, i could guess the end of the film nearly from the first 30 minutes of film or even the trailer. For short: The psycho guy manipulates everyone to do whatever he wants and have his fun…then he tries to make the depressing guy kill himself but the psycho guy get killed instead at the end.

I have to say In the film there is only one original thing, is the way chat rooms are represented. Instead of a text chat room, he will show a real room where people talk that was pretty cool. Ok maybe the decors are pretty cool also but that is pretty much about it. The rest is not cool.

PS: i recently saw toy story 3…if you get to choose between these two films this summer, go for Toy story 3 it’s freaking awesome :D

Here’s the trailer below:

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