Old spice ads and social media

As many of you know by now the big winner this year in Cannes was the Old Spice ad.
It’s a clever and funny campaign and the guys from Wieden+Kennedy know it so they released some new funny videos.

But the most amazing part was not the actual ads but what they did these days but the way they use social media for this campaign.
The Old Spice guy has as many of you know a twitter account where people can write things to him and wait if he answer and he did for a while! He made (i’m guessing) over a hundred videos to answer all kind of people, celebrities, and some brands..
I added some below but there are many more on his youtube channel :)

Maybe you wonder how these videos are made, Readandwriteweb made a nice article about this.

This campaing works so well that i wonder if this will become the viral of the year :)

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