Citroen – Wash me if you can (sponsored post)

Citroen is releasing a new version of their C3 car called “the visiodrive”.
Their new ad has not yet been released openly but i am allowed to show it to you all along with the making of!

The campaign is called “Wash me if you can” and it’s launching in 20 different countries. It was made by Agency H from Paris, which is the very same agency that won a couple of Lions this year at Cannes with their other Citroen ad called “Le chien” (it’s at the bottom of this post if you haven’t seen it before) and maybe, they will win again next year with this new ad.

Now for the new Citroen campaign, after watching the video below, you can go to their mini-website where you can choose from 5 different characters, a groovy diva, a wrestler, a cheerleader, a guy dressed like a chicken, and a bonus character.

In the website, you can virtually sit in this car and watch each character clean the car in very different ways.
Something tells me most guys will probably choose the cheerleader…i honestly i liked the chicken more :)

Enough talk here’s the video:

I liked the song, can anyone tell me the name?

Here’s the making of. I’m pretty sure that the guy dressed like a chicken had quite a hard time in that suit (it must have been super hot inside!)

The bonus character i told you about do not appear in these videos but he is somewhere in the website that you can visit here.

Finally, For those who missed the ad that won at Cannes i mentioned earlier here it is :)

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