Inception – review

Few days ago, i received an invitation to watch Christopher Nolan‘s new film “Inception” in a avant premiere.
I was looking foward to see this film because i really liked his other films (Memento, The dark knight) and i believe he is a very good director.

When i first saw the trailer i was very intrigued by the scenario, a thief who gets into other people’s dreams to steal secrets…how cool is that? :)

I know there is a lot of advertising in this moment for this film, but i’m not paid to say what i’m about to say about this film.

First, Leonardo Di Caprio has come a long way from Titanic, he is now a good actor (he was also great in Blood Diamond).
I know because i hated Titanic and i was one of the people who were like “Di Caprio? ughh!”… but i believe he gets better with time now.

Now i know that watching the film on an Imax is pretty rare because most theaters don’t have this technology. But i can say that this film has some great images. It’s one of those films that needs to be seen in a good theater with a nice screen, because special effects are pretty awesome, specially in the part where Di Caprio trains the girl in the film.

I see Paris every day and it was fun to see those every day places in the film, i know some of those places :)

I’m happy i wasn’t disappointed by the scenario (i’m easily disappointed). The scenarios can be complicated to understand for some people, look like Matrix at certain times and sometimes it can get a bit long but it was good, i didn’t watch my clock during the film.

I’m not going to spoil you anything here, but i can tell you that if you loved Shutter Island, you are going to love this one. Some say shutter island is better, i believe both are good. I don’t know if this is the movie of the year or not, but it’s pretty good in my opinion.

One detail that most people don’t care about is the music. The music on this film is made by the genius man Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Kung fu panda, The lion king, and many many more…). So why is this so important to me? Well i might be annoying but in a film if i start thinking about the song that is playing and then i watch the movie at the same time…it’s like i’m doing two separate things and that’s not good.

Hans Zimmer knows how to make his music marry the images in so many ways that you don’t even realize that you have all this great music around, it becomes part of a whole and that is part of what makes a good movie. He has composed an amazing soundtrack. Nolan has made really beautiful images to go with this music.

I really don’t know if i preffer more the music than the actual images… it’s hard to decide.

You can hear for free the soundtrack here on spotify, i know it can be weird to listen without the images…

and you can watch the trailers here below :)


Thanks to Allocine for the invitation by the way :)

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