Review of “Chat Room” a Hideo Nakata film

I was invited the other day to watch, Hideo Nakata’s brand new film called “Chat Room”. After watching “The ring” and “Dark water”, i was pretty exited to see what he could do next, i also heard this film was selected at Cannes, so i though why not and went to see it with some friends.

First of all, I know i was invited by Allo cine and that it was it was a premiere (the film is coming out in august), but i can’t lie and i have to be honest as usual, and say what i really think about this film, Sorry Nakata!. Continue reading “Review of “Chat Room” a Hideo Nakata film”

Silke Werzinger

Some days ago i discovered the portfolio of Silke Werzinger and it was a really nice surprise.
Having studied visual communication in Paris, i grew a passion for sketching during the last few years.
So when i saw Silke’s work i really thought, “This is freaking amazing!” so i decided to contact her and she was really nice over the mail.
Anyway enough blah blah… you can see for yourself some of her work below.

Continue reading “Silke Werzinger”