Facepark by Diesel

Diesel is back with a new viral and continues with the “Be Stupid” campaign with an analog version of Facebook, called “Facepark”.
They claim that digital medias are for smart people and as they want people to “be stupid” they invited everyone to a park where they could interact with people in  a very particular way, with stickers, cardboards, and other things. They update their status, make friends, poke them and even play farmville for real…

One thing is sure, i preffer to be outside than in front of a screen and i happen to see more and more people unhappy with facebook between my friends these days (some are concerned about their privacy and even erased their account).

Maybe who knows…this is not so stupid after all and it sure looks fun ;)

Don’t forget to visit their website is well done also :)

Via: Digital Buzz Blog

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