I am the rules – Foot Locker + Nike

The other day i was watching tv when i saw this ad by Foot Locker and Nike.
I have to say that in France we have a lot of bad advertisings these days on tv and this one for some reason catched my eye.
The agency Wieden + Kennedy London made this ad for the Nike Air Max 90 wich is only available at Foot Locker.
The ad shows atypical profiles of different sport players and celebrates the fact of being different, acting different, and not being like the rest.
The art direction is really good. Images on the ad are strong, clean and visually stunning and the music goes really well with it.

The name of the song is Alles neu (Instrumental) by Peter Fox.

I’m pretty sure there is a different version on french tv, i think it’s shorter and better rhythmed in my opinion, but i have been unable to find it online.

Watch this ad in slow motion if you can ;)

Via: Blogopub

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