Between Bears

Eran Hilleli, a young and talented motion designer from Tel Aviv, made this beautiful animation called “Between Bears”.
It was made for his graduation project at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
The graphics in the animation are really beautiful and the music is very well chosen in my oppinion.
If you are wonder what kind of software he used to create this, it was 2d/3d maya and AE.

Music by Ori Avni and Daniela Spector.

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Facepark by Diesel

Diesel is back with a new viral and continues with the “Be Stupid” campaign with an analog version of Facebook, called “Facepark”.
They claim that digital medias are for smart people and as they want people to “be stupid” they invited everyone to a park where they could interact with people in  a very particular way, with stickers, cardboards, and other things. They update their status, make friends, poke them and even play farmville for real…

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