Buried (film) review

Buried is a thriller written by Chris Sparling and directed by Rodrigo Cortes.
Last week i was invited by Allocine to the premiere of the film and well i have to say that i had a good time.

After seeing the trailer i didn’t really know what to think, because the trailer don’t show many things.
But i believe this is a good thing because it does not spoil you the film, now i admit it is difficult for me to write a review and without spoiling you anything, but i’ll try!

First of all watch the trailer then i’ll give you my thoughts…

Ryan Reynolds plays a truck driver who works in Agfanistan for some US company. After a black out, he finds himself trapped in a coffin with a cell phone and a lighter, then he tries to find a way out.

The film reminds me of Phone game, which is another good film. In Phone Game the main character would be in a phone booth the whole time…but now the main character is trapped in a coffin.

This film shows that it is possible to make a good film with few decors (it took them 7 different coffins to make the film), very few special effects, few actors, and few objects… i like that!

I won’t tell you what happens in the coffin but i can tell you that i spent an hour and half watching this film intrigued until the last minute… i didn’t get bored at all because the film is directed in such a clever way that it keeps you interested. There are a few parts where the film is a bit slower and maybe some will guess how the film end before the ends but i didn’t and i really like the way it ends…

So i really think you should give it a try, maybe if you’re not sure you can rent it when it’s available later but i think in the cinema is better because you have the big screen, the good sound, etc

For those who speak french there is a little game where you can try to find the hero of the film :)
You can play here

…and here’s the poster!

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