Sintel by The Blender Foundation

Sintel, is a short animation film about a girl who goes on a quest to find her dragon.
The film was made by The Blender Foundation and it was funded by 1000’s of people all around the internet.
It was realized with Blender only at the Amsterdam Blender Institute.
For those who don’t know Blender, it is a free open source 3-D program and the main reason of why they made this film is to show other people that it is possible to do something of good quality by only using open source software.
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The Japanese Popstars – Let Go

Wow! This must be one of the freakiest music videos i’ve seen in a while!
It was directed by David Wilson for the song “Let Go” from “The Japanese Popstars”
The video took 20 days of intensive work…and gladly he was not alone doing all the work!
There was actually a little army of helpers doing the illustrations/animations/colouring and after effect composing and they really did a good job!
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