Start from the Beginning – Egyptrixx

A. N. Ficher is an artist/designer from Berlin.
On this video he explores the relationship between a simulated image and its physical manifestation.
Fisher who is also a sculptor, made the sculpture this video is refering to and it can be seen here.

The video uses different techniques to show us the sculpture, such as the distortion or the magnification.
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Merci CB News!

As many of you may know, last thursday the court of Nanterre decided that the french magazine CB News would not exist anymore. It is very sad news for all those who love advertising in France.

Even though i have not been in advertising for long i used to read it and i really liked getting their newsletters with the latest news.

For those who were not familiar with CB News. It was a weekly magazine about advertising and communication. It was created in 1986 by Christian Blanchas (the man who also appears in Culture Pub).

CB News was an independent media this was also one of the main reasons why the magazine disappeared (not enough financial support).

As many french bloggers are paying tributes to this magazine i would also like to say thank you to all the people who worked on this magazine for the past 24 years and i wish them all the best so they can find a new job very soon.
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Win tickets for the “Monsters” premiere in Paris

If you like big monsters and you happen to be in Paris next week i have good news for you.
Thanks to Allocine, i happen to have a couple of extra tickets for the premiere of the movie “Monsters” for one lucky winner in the blog. That is one ticket for the person who won and their lucky friend/lover/dog/alien.

So to win the tickets all you have to do is to become a facebook fan here and click on “i like” on this article on the fan page or in my wall You can also retweet the article or make a comment to participate before Monday at 12:00 hs Paris time.

This contest is open to anyone that can be available in Paris the 25 november at 19:00 hs.

I use and i will let the winner know  on monday 22 november afternoon and he/she will have to send me back in private, the name of the person they choose to go with, so they get added to the list before the 23 november at 12:00, else i will pick someone else who participated.
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