Into the cosmos

Chopsy (also known as Darren Robbie) and Architeq made this crazy short film called INTO THE COSMOS.

In the film forgotten Vinyls from all over town are summoned by some mysterious collector.

To make the film they used different techniques such as stop-frame, pixellation, live-action & time lapse animation. It was all shot in Bristol and it took 7 months to be made.

Credit list:

Director: Chopsy
Producer: Kev Harwood
DOP: Toby Howell
Animators: Darren Robbie, Inez Woldman (additional help: Wendy Griffiths, Ed Patterson)
Compositing: Jim Lewis, Bram Thweam, Darren Robbie
Appearances/pixellation: Ian Whitlock, Bobby Proctor, Robin Crowther-Smith
Rigging: Craig Atkinson
Gaffer (warehouse shoot): Clive Scott
Editor: Nikk Fielden

Via: CartoonBrew

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