Due Date – Film review

Few days ago i was invited by Allocine to the Paris premiere for the film Due Date.
Directed by Todd Phillips who also produced ‘The hangover‘, a film that is also known as ‘very bad trip’ in some countries.
Due Date features Zach Galifianakis (Very bad trip, into the wild, etc) and Robert John Downey Jr. (Ironman, Sherlock Holmes, Zodiac, etc)

When i got to the cinema we all got some strange red coffee cans (with a t-shirt inside) at first i didn’t understand why they gave me a red coffee can (i hadn’t seen the trailer before going to the cinema) but after watching the film i did understand!

Anyway the film is about to guys that are taking a plane to LA, they get kicked out of the plane and they have to go by car. The film is full of hilarious situations and these two actors are really funny. I can tell because the whole cinema was laughing out loud during the whole film. I laughed a lot and i think it’s one of the funniest films i’ve seen in a while. I really had a good time :)

So if you liked The hangover you are probably going to love this one :)

Here below you can see the trailers:

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