Due Date – Film review

Few days ago i was invited by Allocine to the Paris premiere for the film Due Date.
Directed by Todd Phillips who also produced ‘The hangover‘, a film that is also known as ‘very bad trip’ in some countries.
Due Date features Zach Galifianakis (Very bad trip, into the wild, etc) and Robert John Downey Jr. (Ironman, Sherlock Holmes, Zodiac, etc)

When i got to the cinema we all got some strange red coffee cans (with a t-shirt inside) at first i didn’t understand why they gave me a red coffee can (i hadn’t seen the trailer before going to the cinema) but after watching the film i did understand! Continue reading “Due Date – Film review”

Into the cosmos

Chopsy (also known as Darren Robbie) and Architeq made this crazy short film called INTO THE COSMOS.

In the film forgotten Vinyls from all over town are summoned by some mysterious collector.

To make the film they used different techniques such as stop-frame, pixellation, live-action & time lapse animation. It was all shot in Bristol and it took 7 months to be made. Continue reading “Into the cosmos”

Influencers – Documentary (full version)

Influencers is a documentary Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson.
The whole film has been released this week for free on the internet.
It explains what an influencer is and how trends are created in a city like New York…
it’s a pretty interesting film and it lasts 14 minutes.

Here below you can watch the english and the french version Continue reading “Influencers – Documentary (full version)”