Monsters – film review

Thanks to Allocine i went to see the film Monsters the other day and i really can’t hide my disappointment towards this film and i can’t understand why this film is being compared with District 9….

If you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is

It looks really cool i know… interesting fact they put two times in the trailer the comments of the same source… not enough good comments in the media? ;)

Monsters is a love film with a bad taste of alien film. Only the first 10 minutes are interesting…aliens invaded half mexico and you get a photographer in the ‘no alien side’ of mexico (what is he doing there we don’t know) who goes search for his boss’s daughter and risk his life (why??) we don’t know why she’s there and why she don’t want to get married to his fiancee…
So they are supposed to take a boat to US without passing through the alien zone, but they go out, they get drunk and then the girl she don’t want to sleep with the guy so he go out again get drunk and get her passport stolen (i know it sounds bad but the whole film could have been avoided if she had said yes to the guy) and they end up going through the alien zone…

The thing is that you wait for something to happen… an alien that eats the girl or something… I waited the whole film for something to happen but nothing happened, the only part that scared some people was when there was an old lady screaming…that was like 3 seconds.

At first i thought that some scenes were too long, but no, it is the whole film that is long…and actors are not really the best…

Aliens? what aliens? you nearly don’t see the aliens, are poorly made squids mixed with christmas tree lights…not very scary


When the film ended i felt like if i had been to the dentist to get a wisdom teeth pulled out.
Monsters is nothing like District 9. Monsters is not a science fiction film but a love film!
If you still want to see it wait until it’s on tv or rent it if there is nothing else available…
I would give it a 3 out of 10 only because the landscapes are nice…but that’s about it :)

P.S. : I know i should have written this some days ago but these days i’m completely overbooked and i have little time to write :-/

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