The King’s Speech – review

Yesterday i was at the french avant premiere of The king’s speech with friends, thanks to Allocine.
I knew the film was nominated for the Oscars and the Golden globes but i didn’t want to watch the trailer before watching the film, i just wanted to discover it and i think i did the right thing because i was basically blown away.
This film was a such an amazing surprise, the story was not focused on this man being a king but on his fight against his stammer. Actors are perfect, i believe that Colin Firth should win the Oscar for best actor (and if he don’t, then it would be pretty unfair). This film deserve a bunch of oscars and golden globes, really!
It is really well directed, the exterior shots and photography are just beautiful. Decors and wardrobe are sumptuous.
I did not feel like there were long parts that should have been cut, the whole thing is is very well done.
I will not talk much about the plot of the film because i believe you should go see it, this might be one of the best movies of the year
The trailer is here below but i warn you (if you haven’t watched the film yet), go see the film before watching the trailer, it tells too much and i think it’s better to just see this film, just trust me on this one :) Continue reading “The King’s Speech – review”

36 000 Solutions – Darty

Darty has just released a film and a website with their new campaign made by the Agence H in France. If you don’t happen to know Darty, it is a french company that sells pretty much all kinds of home appliance or electronic gadgets you can find.
The spot shows all the different universes of all the different things they sell, in a very graphic way.
Just in case if you are wondering what’s the song, it’s called “15 to 20″ from The Phenomenal Handclap Band. The song can be downloaded here (it’s on the red button on the corner). Continue reading “36 000 Solutions – Darty”

Electric love –

The agency Binder FC Comunicação and the production agency Hungry Man BR made this beautiful ad for in Brazil.
On the film you can see the story of a male character who has a hard time finding his other half on the real world.
I really like the music chosen and the way the actors play on the video, even if you don’t see their faces you can somehow see their emotions. The ad was directed by Paulo Gandra and released early 2011 as part of a 2 film campaign. Continue reading “Electric love –”