The King’s Speech – review

Yesterday i was at the french avant premiere of The king’s speech with friends, thanks to Allocine.
I knew the film was nominated for the Oscars and the Golden globes but i didn’t want to watch the trailer before watching the film, i just wanted to discover it and i think i did the right thing because i was basically blown away.
This film was a such an amazing surprise, the story was not focused on this man being a king but on his fight against his stammer. Actors are perfect, i believe that Colin Firth should win the Oscar for best actor (and if he don’t, then it would be pretty unfair). This film deserve a bunch of oscars and golden globes, really!
It is really well directed, the exterior shots and photography are just beautiful. Decors and wardrobe are sumptuous.
I did not feel like there were long parts that should have been cut, the whole thing is is very well done.
I will not talk much about the plot of the film because i believe you should go see it, this might be one of the best movies of the year
The trailer is here below but i warn you (if you haven’t watched the film yet), go see the film before watching the trailer, it tells too much and i think it’s better to just see this film, just trust me on this one :)
here’s the english trailer

and the french trailer

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