Born With A Bothered Mind – Happy Camper


Job, Joris & Marieke made this cute music video for Happy Camper a music project by Job Roggeveen and 11 other music artists. Job who composed the album, is also part of the graphic design studio who made the video.
The title of the song is, “Born With A Bothered Mind” and the video shows a little hairy character called Manfreds having a hard time while camping. The animation is simple but really well done (specially the hair on the character) Continue reading “Born With A Bothered Mind – Happy Camper”

No strings attached – Film review


Few days ago i was at the premiere of the film called “No strings attached‘ with some friends.
This comedy features Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I know the title might seem a little strange if you are outside US, but this film is also called “Sex friends” in some countries like France. The film was directed by Ivan Reitman, who was there to show us the film :)

The story is about this girl (Emma) who can’t be in a real relationship and her brokenhearted friend (Adam). They start being more than friends at some point and they try to keep on being friends. Continue reading “No strings attached – Film review”

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room – Slow motion


Tom Guilmette was locked in a room in Vegas when he decided to try out a new Phantom Flex high speed digital cinema camera that was around… He decided to film banal things like drops, shower, himself but at 2,564 frames per second, for information a regular film is around 25 frames per second, sometimes a bit more depending on the resolution, so basically it’s around 100 times slower than what we see usually. I think the music is really well chosen and the way it’s been put together too…nice work!

Continue reading “Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room – Slow motion”