Super Bowl XLV 2011 ads!


Yes that’s right it’s that time of the year again! The super bowl is here again and some of the most expensive ads have just been released to the public! This time some of the ads where shown before the game. Some ads are good, some are just great and others a lot less… I guess if i had to pick my favorite ads are the Volkswagen ads :)
Anyway, just bring your popcorn, and make yourself comfortable because this is going to be a long post!.

PS: As i’m writing this post the game is on, and some of the ads are not yet available online so i’ll be adding them to this list a.s.a.p. If you think there are some missing or if there is a mistake somewhere, please let me know, and if you can add a youtube link, thanks! If possible i’ll try to add the teasers of each campaign before the final video.

Enjoy! :)

Audi campaign, ‘Teasers’

Audi campaign, super bowl ad

Bridgetstone ‘Reply All’ teaser

Bridgetstone – Reply All – full version

Bridgetstone – Carma – Teaser

Bridgetstone – Carma – full version

Careerbuilder – Parking Lot

Volkswagen – The Force

Volkswagen – Black Beetle

Jack in the box – I love America

DORITOS – Pug Attack

DORITOS – Best Part

DORITOS – House Sitting

DORITOS – Birthday Wish

DORITOS – Adam & Eve

Pepsi MAX – Love Hurts

Pepsi MAX – Zero Calories? Psshh

Pepsi MAX – Torpedo Cooler

Pepsi MAX – Elevator Girl

Pepsi MAX – First Date

Coca Cola – Border Guards

Coca Cola – Siege

E*Trade – Baby – banned ad

E*Trade Baby – Tailor

Home Away – Ministry of Detourism

Hyundai – Hipnotized

Hyundai Elantra – Sheep

Hyundai Elantra – 45

Hyundai – Anachronistic City

GM Chevy – Bumblebee

Kia Optima – One Epic Ride

Mercedes-Benz – Welcome

Motorola Xoom Tablet – teaser

Motorola Xoom Tablet – empower the people

Snickers – teaser

Best Buy – Bieber and Ozzy

Snickers – Logging

Chevrolet – Miss Evelyn – Chevy Camaro

Bud Light – Product Placement

Bud Light – Dog Sitter

Bud Light – Severance Package

Bud Light – Hack Job

BMW – Changes

BMW X3: Defying Logic

Chevrolet – Glee

Chevrolet – Misunderstanding

Chevrolet – Chevy Cruze – Facebook status

Sony Experia – Android is ready to play

CarMax – Gas Station

Brisk – Eminem

Groupon – Tibet

Budweiser ‘Wild West’

Cellular South – Samsung Galaxy

CarMax – Kid In A Candy Store

GoDaddy – The Contract

Go Daddy – New GoDaddy.CO Girl

Sealy Posturepedic – After Glow

Suzuki – Kizashi vs Wicked Weather

Limitless Trailer

Fast Five

Rio – Film

Pirates of the Caribbean

Cowboys vs Aliens

Captain America: The First Avenger


NFL Best Fans Ever

Mini USA – Cram it in the boot

Teleflora – Help Me Faith

Chrysler – Eminem Super Bowl Commercial

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