We are all connected – WWF


The WWF just released a new beautiful ad called “We are all connected”. The ad was produced by the agency Ogilvy & Mather Mexico and Troublemakers.tv. In the ad birds, plants, people and everything are made and linked with wires! The 3-D work is just impressive! I wonder how long it took them to do something like this…

WWF – We Are All Connected from Troublemakers.tv on Vimeo.


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Mexico
VP Creative Director: Jose Montalvo
Creative Directors: Victor Alvarado, Fernando Carrera
Agency TV Producer: Juan Pablo Osio

Production Company: Troublemakers.tv
Director / Art Director: Mato Atom
Producer: James Hagger
Assistant Producer: Mélanie Aguilar Fauconnier
Storyboarder: Leonardo Weiss

Post Production: Digital District
Post Producer: Peggy Tavenne
Managing Director: David Danesi
SFX: Thomas Marqué
Animation: Romuald Caudroit
Modeling: Jimmy Cavé, Kevin Monthureux
Lighting / Renders: Nicolas Belin
Compositing / Flame: Seif Boutella
Assistant Flame: Amandine Moulinet

Music: Human


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