No strings attached – Film review


Few days ago i was at the premiere of the film called “No strings attached‘ with some friends.
This comedy features Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I know the title might seem a little strange if you are outside US, but this film is also called “Sex friends” in some countries like France. The film was directed by Ivan Reitman, who was there to show us the film :)

The story is about this girl (Emma) who can’t be in a real relationship and her brokenhearted friend (Adam). They start being more than friends at some point and they try to keep on being friends.

So, the plot basically explores different clichés (like the frat party scene) a few times it can make you smile and laugh from time to time but it’s not what i would call a great comedy. You can see how it’s gonna end before you are watching the trailer…by the way, i believe the trailer is way too long and tells too much, that is why i’m putting it at the end of the review just in case you want to see it.

Nathalie Portman did an incredible performance at Black Swan but here i’m a bit disappointed. As for Ashton, well he’s really cute but i don’t think he’s any better on this film. They both make a cute couple…

So, is this film good? I would say it’s not really awful but it’s not great either. It misses something and it’s the kind of film you watch on the cable when there is nothing else on at 1 a.m. or in front of a pizza with with friends.
The good thing is that you don’t need to think too hard… sometimes it’s good to watch films that are not hard to understand, right? Just, not quite my cup of tea though…

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