Rango – film review


The other day i went to see Rango in a premiere, it was quite of a pleasant surprise.
It tells the story of a lizard that dreams about being famous and have adventures until one day he gets lost in the desert and ends up being the sheriff of a far-west-like town named Dirt where water is missing and Rango has to find a solution.

The film features Johnny Depp as the main character’s voice and i can say this film should be watched in english with subtitles but not in some other languages as half the jokes only make sense in english and the way Johnny Depp do the character is really funny.
As for the characters and decors, they are very well done, textures are really awesome.
If you liked Clint Eastwood films, you will find some nice private jokes :)
I also liked a lot the credits at the end of the film, really well done!

So yes i had a fun time we laughed a lot, so go see it!

Here’s the trailer:

Thanks to Allocine for the invitation!

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