Time to change!

I like to change things from time to time around here, and it’s that time again.
I know i’ve been absent for a while because i have been quite busy with work, but not also work, i’ve been also creating a new blog!
Over the past year i have been wanting to write about different things other than graphic design and advertising.
But i would not do that because some of those things had no place to be in this blog.

So, it’s a great pleasure to me to introduce you to my new blog Urbanita.fr a blog about the urban culture, shopping, lifestyles and cinema.

This blog will not be in english, only french. Why? because i live in France, i also speak french and i have many visitors from french speaking countries and a lot of people ask me to write in french.

So as for this blog what will happen to it from now on? Well it will keep focused in advertising, graphic design, animation and anything visual like before but the main thing that will be leaving this blog are movie reviews, they will be from now on on my other blog.

I hope you all enjoy Urbanita.fr as much as you enjoy Kiedis.fr :)

Thank you!!

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