Poisson Vert – Nobody beats the drum


Nobody beats the drum are back with a new video called “Poisson vert”. They already sent me another cool video before.
For this new video, they used a forest and a lot of lights and objects to do something stunning… I’m pretty sure they took ages to do this video because it’s all done in stop motion and they were really syncronized with the sound… this is one of the best things i’ve seen in a while, enjoy! :)

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Seasons – animation


Erica Haowei Hu is a talented designer/animator from New York. She made this amazing surreal animation about the different seasons. Drawings are beautiful and inspiring, it’s like a warm summer breeze for your mind. In each each season you can see a very different universe full of beautiful things, colors and typography.
The animation was made using after effects, maya and cinema 4D.
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