Daft Punk x Coca Cola – limited edition bottle

The Daft Punk are collaborating again with Coca Cola for a new serie of limited edition bottles. As most of you know, they released last year with a serie of metal daft punk/coke bottles.

This time the bottles are in glass, hand made, they are decorated with gold and silver, the materials of the Daft Punk helmets.

The whole thing is presented in a beautiful box designed by the band. Only 20 boxes will be made and you can win one at DaftCoke.com. their website is really beautiful also. I would really love to have one of these!

Here below you can see some pictures made by Mitchell Feinberg, enjoy :)
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Fujitsu Lifebook4life campaign


Fujitsu just released a campaign called Lifebook4life where they choose 40 insiders from 12 countries from Europe and the Middle East.

This campaign was done last year with 53 insiders. This year Fujitsu chose the top 10 insiders than won last year to participate this year with other 30 insiders.

As i was chosen as one of the insiders for the campaign, i will be blogging for the next weeks at the Fujitsu blog, where i will have to accomplish different tasks and maybe if i get lucky i get to win a trip :)
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Dior – J’adore at Versailles


Dior is back with a new ad for their famous perfume “J’adore”. This amazing and beautiful ad was directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud.
It was filmed in the ‘galerie de glaces‘ of Versailles palace. If you have never been there you should really go because the gallery has been restored few years ago and it’s really beautiful. I’m pretty amazed they even got permission to shoot in such place, must be great to work in such a place!

In the film there are many beautiful models, including one dressed as Marilyn Monroe, but the big star of the film is Charlize Theron who has been the star of many “J’adore” ads before. Continue reading “Dior – J’adore at Versailles”