Fujitsu Lifebook4life campaign


Fujitsu just released a campaign called Lifebook4life where they choose 40 insiders from 12 countries from Europe and the Middle East.

This campaign was done last year with 53 insiders. This year Fujitsu chose the top 10 insiders than won last year to participate this year with other 30 insiders.

As i was chosen as one of the insiders for the campaign, i will be blogging for the next weeks at the Fujitsu blog, where i will have to accomplish different tasks and maybe if i get lucky i get to win a trip :)

Here’s a little video about the campaign

In order to accomplish the different tasks in the contest, Fujitsu lent me a brand new Lifebook Q550.

So, i made a few pictures of the unboxing for you to see and i will be posting more things soon! just check out fujitsu’s blog where i will be writting.

Here are the pictures, sorry for the mess, the pictures where made at my graphic design studio where i usually work :)

in the box you get another box full of things and the computer.

So i opened the box first…

and got the manuals, CDs, battery charger, a tissue for the screen, a pen, etc.

then i got out the computer

looks nice, it even has a touch screen, i can use the pencil to draw…

I spent like an hour setting up the computer, first i had to set up windows 7

Then i had to set up some of Fujitsu’s software

and it was ready to use….

I haven’t tested a lot this computer and i haven’t used PC’s in a while since my last notebook PC died and got replaced by a macbook pro few years ago. So i guess i will test it a little bit to see how it goes!

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