Du monde tout autour – Louise Attaque


The animation studio Chez Eddy and the french rock band Louise Attaque just released an awesome video for a cool song.
It’s called “Du monde autour” and i really love the way the things in the video are drawn, the style and everything else… enjoy :)

If you like the song you can buy it here


Production: ChezEddy
Label: Barclay
Producteur: Nicolas de Rosanbo
Réalisation : Louis Clichy
Direction de production : Davy Koskas
Animation / Compositing : Antoine Ettori – Sébastien Rouxel – Matthieu Gaillard -Mathias Lachal – Ludovic Versace – Thibaud Gayral – Alice Bissonnet
Rotoscopie : Olivier Guedj – Alexandre Bain
Etalonnage : Jean-Michel Petit
Remerciements: Robin Feix, Arnaud Le Guilcher

via: arteyanimacion

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