Perrier – The drop

I was watching the tv when i saw this ad in french television and i decided to share it with you all.
It’s the new campaign for Perrier, a very famous french brand of sparkling water and it’s called “the drop”.

The ad shows us a world where everything is melting and a heroine is sent to the sun with a bottle of perrier to save the world.

Perrier made some great ads in the past, this one is really nicely done too.
The agency behind this is Ogilvy France and i have to say i like how the story is told.
Images are beautiful, the ship, the costumes, the music are good.
This is surely one of the most beautiful ads i’ve seen in a while in french tv… well enough said, just watch it :)

Here’s the long version

…and the the short version


Agency Ogilvy Paris
Director Johan Renck via Soixante Quinze, Paris,
Producer Annabelle Fournier,
Head of production Jeanne Marie De la Fontaine,
Set designer Jan Houllevigue,
Editor Danny Tull
Post producer Sandrine Demonte.

Via: the inspiration room

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