Bjork – Mutual Core

I’ve always been a big fan of Bjork, her videos and her music.
She’s back with a new video called “Mutual Core”
The video was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang who also directed a video called “Solipsist” last year

I think this is one of the most creative videos i’ve seen in a while and i really like what they did with colours and animation here. Enjoy!.

The making of


Director: Andrew Thomas Huang –
Producer: Árni Björn Helgason
Production Company: Sagafilm
Cinematographer: August Jakobsson
Production Designer: Gudjon Olafsson
Art Director: Thorgeir Odinsson
Makeup Artist: Frida Maria Hardardottir
Cinematographer: Laura Merians
Production Designer: Hugh Zeigler
Art Director: Orion Martin
Executive Producer: David Lyons
VFX Company: Moo Studios
Editor: Andrew Thomas Huang
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Thomas Huang
Lead Compositor: Lindsey Fry
Compositors: Nate Jess, Aaron Rovner
Lead CG Supervisor: Michael Ranger
FX Technical Director: Nico Sugleris
CG Modelers: Michael Barela, Daniel Edery, Iordanis Kioumourtzoglou
Animators: Olivia Hong, Dan Wilson, Othon Castro
Director’s Rep: Jamie Kohn-Rabineau at LARK Creative
Sponsored by The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles MOCATV

Via wikifx

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