How to get back your stolen gadgets

Gadgets are so small and so expensive sometimes that you can get robbed any time any place and even some of them are even so small that can be lost in a minute.

This company made a system that can be installed in many gadgets. The good thing is that whenever the burglar connects the gadget to the pc it sends you a message telling you where the gadget is and some other information that can be used to trace this person. More info here

Trash Cans for the lazy

Today surfing on the net i found a couple of news about trash cans. Yes i know its a bit weird…but hey we all have garbage and need a place to throw it.

The first one is a real gadget from one of my favorites gadgets sites and i realized they have something really cool an R2-D2 trash can. Imported from japan its a limited edition thing. a bit expensive though

r2d2 trashcan

The second one is the trash can for the lazy, its a trash can with a sensor, it opens when you approach. It can be useful when you are cooking something and you dont want to touch the garbage because your hands are clean and the garbage is not…i know there is another solution way less expensive.. those trash cans where you step on them and they open. I know i dont like to touch the garbage when im cooking …but the price well 200 dollars…i guess its a bit too expensive for me, i think i will stick to my old trash can after all. more info here

trash can for the lazy

Web 2.0

A couple of years ago i was told to redo the website of a company. At first i saw what needs the company had at the moment and how could i do to make it done in the most effective way. I started surfing the net looking for information and then i saw something called web 2.0. At first i wondered what it was and how i could use it. Then i visited a few websites and got a few books and started coding. Now i just love to use it, it makes my life so simple i cannot believe i didnt use it before.
Few weeks ago i saw a video from Michael Wesh an Assistant proffessor of cultural anthropology at the university of kansas (US). Now in the news it looks like this video became the number 1 most viewed video of the net, so i thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all. enjoy :)

Hello world

Hello and welcome to! I am Kiedis and this is my personal website, i like to talk pretty much about anything, animation, videos, advertising, graphic design, and other cool stuff. I hope you all like this site, i’ll be adding more stuff soon.